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How to Overcome Negative Thinking in Selling

Being a salesperson isn’t easy and getting a job in healthcare sales isn’t easy.

While the rewards can be great, the road to attain those rewards can be long and lonely and staying positive and motivated can be draining.  During the pandemic, the sales world has come to a grinding halt and even those selling healthcare services and products are finding difficulties in their specialties due to overwhelmed staff and reallocated funds.

The need for things has focused on a niche illness while hospitals are being held hostage by high prices on the basic necessities.  If you aren’t selling them those necessities, most likely you’ve been on the outside looking in, and that doesn’t help with your income.

Selling is normally an individual accomplishment.  While you get help from teammates, most of the work can be a solo venture and it challenges you to think, remain positive, and succeed.  These qualities and attributes are entirely individual, and no one but you can develop them.  With that said, there are some things you can proactively do now to stay positive and keep what is in your control moving forward if things have slowed down:

  • Call your co-workers. This is not something we always have time to do. Spend 30 minutes a day to check in with them and listen to their concerns and feedback on what is going on with your Company, and specifically your clients.  Now is a great time to fix the problems that can be fixed, internally and externally. Strengthen your internal relationships.
  • Take the time to do some account management, speak to those that are still active. Let them know you are ready to help them for anything.  
  • Clean up your CRM. Take the time to update and add information about your leads and customers in your CRM.  Take some classes on your CRM software and find out new ways you can use its functionality.
  • Open up new areas. If you have the flexibility, start prospecting in new parts of your territory. Build your lists, be prepared to start up when things lift.
  • If you are being mentored, focus on the discussion you have with those people who you respect. If you aren’t mentoring someone, start.  Even if you are brand new to the business, fine a program like Junior Achievement to help others looking to grow their business understanding and skills.
  • Finally, there is nothing wrong with reaching out, meeting with friends (even if it is virtually), and brainstorming ideas to communicate with your sales constituencies.

With new and better healthcare offerings coming into the market every day, everyone who sells has an unparalleled opportunity to share in unlimited rewards.  Staying positive allows for this opportunity to present itself.  Not only is it knocking on your door, but it is ringing the doorbell, urging you to stay open to one of the most lucrative of the sales niches.  The potentialities of selling in the healthcare segment are greater today than ever before, even if we are in a temporary COVID slowdown.

Stay positive. Keep going.

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