YellowCross is a healthcare consulting company providing Telehealth services that connects law firms, insurance companies and other businesses with physician specialists for review of medical information for business advisory purposes.

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What would you do if your business need consulting services of a physician?

When your business requires the guidance and council of medical experts, turn to YellowCross to make the match with a physician who will give you the answers you need.  YellowCross has access to some of the best medical experts and technology to manage client needs and deliver answers quickly and efficiently.


YellowCross  provides medical consulting services by accessing physician experts via a secure, HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform targeting law firms, insurance companies and other businesses allowing them to make medically sound decisions with their relevant healthcare issues.




YellowCross Healthcare offers the following services to law firms, insurance companies and other businesses.


Early Case Assessment

Review of Medical Information to Determine Viability of Potential Legal/Business Action.


Second Opinion

Review of Patient Study by Specialist to Determine Accuracy.


Testimony Services

Trial, Pre-Trial and Deposition Testimony Services by Medical Experts.


Clinical Trial Review

Interpretation and Measurement of Medical Data for the Development of Medical Device and Pharma Products.


Project Management

Contact Management

Online Client Intake

Secure Document Storage

 Medical Image Viewer

Client Communication

“The Cloud” is more than just a buzz term for a mythical Internet place; it actually means something important for the future of how we work. The Cloud is the freedom and flexibility to get you work done anywhere, on any computer, securely sharing data with the newest software every time you open your browser.  Your data is securely stored among distributed servers that allows for faster, redundant access.  Contact YellowCross for more information on how we can secure your data and make your work flow more productive, all while giving you access to medical experts.



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How YellowCross Works For You


Find the exact medical expert you need for your project, quickly.


Send us your medical data to our secure medical management platform.


Our staff and experts work together to quickly deliver your medical review.


After your report is complete, we will securely store your medical data.


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About Us

YellowCross is a healthcare consulting company combining a secure web portal and medical services consultancy to provide primary medical consulting and second opinion reporting and advisory services via telemedicine.  Collectively, these telehealth-based services create a new paradigm in the healthcare consulting industry and are designed to inform and advise clients regarding discreet medical issues so they can determine the best direction to take in a variety of medical, professional, legal and corporate business situations.