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How To Get Your Customer Talking

Before we can sell to prospective customers, we need to get to know them and take the time to hear what they need. The only way to do this is to get them talking.

When you approach a prospective customer, however you do that, it can be a challenge to get the customers attention.  Sometimes it can take days if not weeks to get someone on the phone, so once you do that you have to strike up a conversation with you.  Most people don’t want to be bothered, their perception of a...

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Being Persuasive, Not Pushy, When You Sell

When you are selling your products or services to clients, you don’t want to be pushy about it, you want to be persuasive.  Especially in the healthcare market, you goal should be relationship building, not short-term gain.

Have you ever been around a salesperson who seems to have everything going for them? They have no problem talking to people, people like them, and seems to meet all of their sales goals so effortlessly.

This is not because they are lucky or was born with a...

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