We Build Telemedicine Companies

Telemedicine practices and the Telehealth services they provide are on the rise and translating a brick & mortar medical practice into an online provider is not automatic. YellowCross, we specialize in the business of online medicine through a group of services we call Healthcare Commerce.  

Let YellowCross help you enter or expand your footprint in the Telemedicine business.


What is Healthcare Commerce?

Healthcare Commerce is the online business of medicine. Specifically, the operations development, workflow technology, marketing and transactional monetization of healthcare services. It is the everything that surrounds and supports the actual services provided by medical professionals. Technology has enabled physicians to provide patient care well beyond the borders of their local communities, and YellowCross is in the business of building a telemedicine practice. If you are interested in developing Telehealth practice, let’s talk.

Who We Serve

Our passion is to help Physicians, Entrepreneurs, Practice Managers and Marketing Directors in building telemedicine practices and growing telehealth patient populations through our consulting, coaching, and educational services.

Our Services


YellowCross will work with you and our partners to develop the tools and messaging you need to start a new practice or move a current practice forward.  Let us help you grow by visiting here.


YellowCross will review your current business plans and marketing tools to give you direction on where best to take your practice next. For more  on coaching services, visit here


Through our online courses, YellowCross can educate you and your staff in some of the most need practice building skills.  To learn more about learning more, visit here.

Consulting Services

Coaching Programs

Training Programs

Ready to Build? Ready to Grow?

If you’re ready to start, schedule a call and we can talk with you about the options YellowCross offers.

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